Here's just a little about me:

Hi, I'm Bri! I'm a teacher, a wife, and a creative soul! I My days revolve around my school children, designing lesson plans and clipart, and my adorable husband. It's a great way to spend every day.
 I'm excited to share my lesson plans, experiences, and so much more with you here and I truly hope that you'll share with me too.
I have two Bachelor Degrees in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education, and I just finished up my Master's Degree in 2012 in Elementary Education. As far back as I can remember I have always wanted to be a teacher and thankfully I have a wonderful husband that continues to support me in developing my teaching skills and education.
I've been making and creating lesson plans and clipart for about two years now. It's been quite the journey and I'm still working on getting it just right! But I truly enjoy sharing my ideas with other interested teachers out there, sometimes I just forget to get them posted in time. It's something I'm really going to work on this year! I appreciate any feedback and comments on any of my work though so please don't hesitate to share your thoughts with me.
Outside of school, planning, and my husband I love spending my limited free time reading and traveling. Right now, my husband and I live in Shanghai, China. My husband was completing his Master's Degree in International Business last year and is now a History teacher. I am currently teaching 4-5 year-olds at an International School. I love every minute of it! In some ways it's completely different than many of the schools in the States, but in other ways it's completely the same. We're not sure when we'll be coming back to the States yet but I'll keep you updated!

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