I started creating clipart about two years ago now and it's been a long journey, that to be honest, hasn't ended yet. I'm constantly learning new things about how to create better clipart. It started out of a need for specific clipart for lesson plans but I soon realized that not only was I good at drawing but I actually enjoyed it. It creates a certain stress release for me. I love being able to sit down with a marker in my hand and just draw quietly for a few minutes. I have even enjoyed the trial and error portion of my clipart journey of figuring out how to best scan my images, how to "color" them, and then how to distribute them to others. It's an involved process but a rewarding one. I know there are many ways to create clipart but for those that want to know, here's my process:

1. First, I pick a subject or item I want to draw.
2. Then I choose a new or fairly new black Sharpie marker to draw that image(s). I like Sharpie because they last longer and are darker or so it seems.
3. Then I draw my image(s).
4. Nex, I scan my image(s) in and turn them into searchable PDF files. This seems to work best for me but you can try other options as well.
5. Then I save the image(s) to a specific file.
6. Next, I open that image(s) using Adobe Illustrator (this is an expensive program but completely worth it). First you have to create a new layer and then "place" the image on the first layer.
7. Then I use Adobe Illustrator to basically upgrade my image to a better quality image. It really is amazing what it can do. You do this by clicking on "Image Trace."
8. Once the image has been traced you then color it using their paint tool.
9. When you are all done you can save it as a JPG or PNG, using color model RGB, and 300 ppi resolution.

There are many youtube videos that will help you go through each of these step-by-step so I recommend you watch them if you're unsure about how to use Adobe Illustrator. You can also email me with any questions you have at:

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