Countdown to Christmas FREEBIE...24 More Days!

Wow! It's already December, this past year has just flown by! Now it's time for a countdown to Christmas {my favorite holiday of the year}! Tim and I will actually be going home for Christmas this year {last year we went to Thailand} and we could not be more excited!!! I got to go home for a bit this summer but Tim hasn't been back to the states in almost a year and a half so he's thrilled. Needless to say I am literally counting down the days until Christmas arrives and I bet you are too. And in celebration of this wonderful season I have created some gifts for all of you. Every day until Christmas I will put up a new one and I'll give you a hint to what's inside: each one will have something to do with my wonderful Christmas Clipart. This may be activities using the clipart or just the clipart themselves. You'll have to see for yourself! Happy Counting and Happy December!

Click here to find the first gift--only 24 more days until Christmas!!!

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