Happy Dr. Seuss Week!

Happy {Soon-to-be} Dr. Seuss Week! This is one of my favorite weeks during the school year! This year, however, I am going to celebrate Dr. Seuss' Birthday in April due to some other commitments at my school so I will upload all of the fun things we do that week later on. I did want to remind you about my awesome All About Me Book though just in case you were looking for something to add to this week:

You can find it on Tpt by clicking here. It's still one of my favorite products!

And please, since I still have a month before I get to celebrate this crazy, rhyming day let me know of any great ideas and activities you're using in your own classrooms. 

Here's one quick photo from a previous school year where I used Cat In The Hat for one of the activities and after reading the book my students made their own hats and attached them to their faces. We hung them in the classroom all week and the kids thought they were pretty cool :-)

Have a wonderful Dr. Seuss Week!


  1. I cannot seem to find this All About ME Book, It isn't showing up on your TPT site! Please help!

  2. Where can I find this All About Me Book, it's not on teacher pay teachers? How can I get it :)