More Dr. Seuss!

I was going through an old post and found a few more Dr. Seuss "blasts-from-the-past"! I thought I would post them here in case anyone is interested for this next week and please share any other Dr. Seuss ideas you have so I can be sure to make the week with my students even better {and remember I'm not doing this until April so I have plenty of time}! 
This one obviously goes with Dr. Seuss' book "10 Apples Up On Top!" I just wish I could have fit the apples into one line but it just didn't work out. Still I think they turned out pretty cute!

This activity can be adapted in many different ways. In my classroom we used this all year but it could also work for just a week. Instead of having the children read 35 books {like I had them do during the year} you could have them read 2-5 books {depending on grade level...} and then have them color in the egg and bring it back for Dr. Seuss week. We read the book "Horton Hatches and Egg" first obviously, then discussed the reading challenge, and I sent home an egg and a note to each of the parents requesting their help. This photo is from the beginning of the year so we didn't have many yet but by the end I had about 30 eggs under Horton and it was amazing to see. 
I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend! Have a wonderful Dr. Seuss week! 

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